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Green light emitting fireball crosses UK night sky (video)

Green light emitting fireball crosses UK night sky (video)


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A glowing green light from a celestial body was seen in various parts of the UK, much to the astonishment of witnesses to this space event.

On Wednesday night, a glowing ball lit up the UK night sky, with people describing the event as “spectacular”.

Scenes of a cosmic object emitting green light from Yorkshire to London have been reported across the UK.

“It was amazing, I was always inspired by space to see something like this, and I felt so lucky. [O objeto] The sky lit up bright green as it burned in our atmosphere. I waited for a while, as if I heard a kind of thunder [objetos] The biggest in the world, but nothing, ”one of the witnesses, Renos Cristo, told PA News Agency. As mentioned above Belo Portal Evening Standard.

Fireball (3) on Hampshire last night, viewed from Eastbourne and recorded by AllSky7.net at 9:34 pm (local time).

Although not properly identified, fireball may be a meteorite, a high-speed space object that illuminates the sky due to friction with the atmosphere.

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