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great!  Budweiser makes a refrigerator that cools beer without electricity

great! Budweiser makes a refrigerator that cools beer without electricity

With the progression of global warming, many regions of the planet experienced very hot days in the first half of this year. The situation was seen, for example, in Spain and Portugal, which broke records in April, with a wave of “extreme heat”. This issue is even more important in regions that face a shortage of energy resources capable of keeping essential equipment running, such as a refrigerator.

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They are essential for keeping drinks cool and to help with hydration. This was one of the main reasons why Budweiser, in collaboration with BETC Paris, created a refrigerator that would operate entirely without electricity. Can you imagine how this could be possible? Follow along.

How does the refrigerator work without electricity?

According to the information published by the portal Brewers ClubThe refrigerator can cool drinks up to 6 degrees Celsius without the need for electricity. All this is possible thanks to the geothermal cooling system that keeps temperatures down nicely.

The creation is called the Bud Ground Cooler. It has an interesting story behind its development, as it is based on an Egyptian methodology that dates back thousands of years and has been adapted to the present day. A video detailing the build, which BETC Paris posted on its YouTube channel, highlights the help of sustainabilityBabatop EchoAnd Responsible for updating the solution and applying improvements to legacy technology. With improvement, the novelty can store 300 bottles four meters deep.

The items are in cylindrical clay containers and are aided by a mat to reach the surface. Cooling was a success with these slushy things. Plus, of course, to a 4.5m mast attached to the structure that helps the system in cooling.

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The portal also notes that Morocco was the first country to receive creation, as temperatures tend to get very high in the summer. In short, the brand has succeeded in attracting the attention of the local population and through sustainable work, trying to reduce the heat in areas without electricity.