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Government suspends sales of Hurb flexible travel packs

Government suspends sales of Hurb flexible travel packs

The suspension will be maintained until Hurb provides a concrete plan to resolve the contracts currently in force

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Selling new packages with flexible company appointments to flee (former Urbano Hotel) has been temporarily suspended due to irregularities found in the company’s business practices. The suspension only applies to the sale of so-called flexible packages, a category in which there is no set date for the trip. Other company services remain available to customers.

This action was taken on Monday, the 29th, by National Consumer Trust (Sinacon) as a way to protect consumers. The goal is to ensure that problems are resolved before new sales can be made.

According to the government, the suspension will continue until Harb presents a concrete plan to resolve the contracts currently in force, in addition to proving that the defects identified have been corrected. The company is also subject to a daily fine of fifty thousand Omani Rials, if it does not comply with the requirements set by Cinacon, in addition to other administrative penalties stipulated in the Consumer Protection Law.

Disorder in crisis with the consumer

In recent months, reports from the company’s clients throughout Brazil have increased dramatically due to problems such as: flight cancellations without prior notice, delays in paying hotels, and lack of assistance in cases of problems during travel and accommodation. Senacon received many complaints from consumers who purchased Hurb tour packages and noted discrepancies between what was offered and what was delivered.

These situations lead to dissatisfaction and loss for customers. As of April this year, there have been more than 11,000 complaints on the platform. During 2022, 12,764 complaints were registered. The accuracy rate has decreased from 64.77% last year to 48.05% in 2023.

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