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Google now accepts on-screen graphics for search

Google now accepts on-screen graphics for search

Hey Google It surprised users on Wednesday (16) by unveiling two revolutionary search features: “Search Circle” and “AI for Multiple Lens Searches”. Although the news was announced globally, there is still no specific date for its arrival in Brazil.

During an online event, Alistair Bott, product manager at the giant Mountain View company, explained that these tools were developed to improve the search experience and make it easier. With a notable focus on artificial intelligence (AI), Google seeks to understand how users search the Internet more effectively.

Lu Wang, senior director at Google, confirmed that the tools are in the testing phase, and therefore will not be immediately available on all devices and countries.

Circle to research: Draw your interest

The “Search Circle” allows users to directly rely on their information Cell phone The object they want to search for. This innovative tool, which works in any application, allows you to highlight images on the screen to get more information.

If you see a cool outfit in a photo on Instagram and want to know more details, simply press the home button on your smartphone, draw the desired piece, and Google will provide you with the relevant information.

This functionality is not limited to images; It is possible to search for videos and even words in texts, regardless of the application.

Circle to Search is scheduled to launch on January 31, and is initially only available on the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, and the new Galaxy S24 line, and covers all languages ​​these devices are available in.

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AI for multiple searches on Lens: Expanding possibilities

In 2022, Google introduced the “Multi-Search” feature, allowing you to search for images and text simultaneously in Lens. Now, modernity has gained more power by incorporating generative artificial intelligence.

With AI Multi-Lens Searches, users can point the camera at an object, scan it through Lens, and perform more complex text searches.

For example, you could take a photo of a crystal and write a question like “Why is this crystal purple?” Google will respond interactively, providing a more engaging search experience.

Starting today, Lens Multi-Search AI is available in English on the Google app for Android and iOS, exclusively in the US. For users outside the US, you can preview the feature through the Generative Search Experience (SGE) in the Google app.

These innovations represent an important step in the evolution of online search, providing users with more intuitive and advanced ways to find information, whether by drawing or asking more detailed questions. Stay tuned for updates as these features promise to change the way we navigate this vast world. Internet.