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Why is Palworld successful?

Why is Palworld successful?

Over 5 million copies have been sold in 3 days, since early launch on Steam on January 19. The numbers should increase further as the game arrives on Xbox Game Pass. Palworld is not even a week old and it has already become one of the most talked about topics in the world.

“Pokémon with Guns” or “Pokémon Shooting,” as it is called, quickly became a hit and there are already expansion packs in planning.

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I admit I didn't know anything about the new feature, but after reading a lot about the topic and seeing a lot of gameplay, I can safely say: Palworld looks like a lot of fun!

Were the monsters cute? Unusual suggestion? A combination of “shooter” with Pokemon? Open world?

Hey Digital look We now list for you some of the elements that made Palworld the most searched game at the beginning of 2024.

1) Mixing Pokemon with Minecraft

Forget firearms. The first aspect that made Palworld a phenomenon has to do with these two legends in the gaming world.

You have more than 100 objects to capture, called “friends” (which in English can be translated as “friends”). But, unlike Pokemon, you can use them for different purposes.

Do you want to pick it up and use it in battle? he can. Used to move around the map? he can. Using it to do heavy work at your place? Can also. Even to keep warm from the cold or use as a shield during a firefight. There are several options!

As for Minecraft, nothing in the game comes for free. Any creation you want must be done from resources harvested from the scene. Even a “Pal Ball” to capture animals. Or the weapons you use in combat. Nothing comes for free: harvest the resources, learn the recipe, and then you'll get what you want.

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2) A good open world action game

Photo: Disclosure/PocketPair

Let's talk about weapons now. The trailers show the protagonist wielding an AK-47 rifle. But you have to start with your fists. Then the club and so on – using Minecraft logic to create your own items.

Done and you have a large scale map to explore. You can walk, climb, fly… and the interactions are as diverse as can be.

Like a good modern action game, you can attack whatever you want and you'll have to suffer the consequences.

Combine adventure with RPG elements and you've got a formula that combined the best games of the last generation, like Elden Ring and Ghost of Tsushima.

3) Survive!

Yes, you have that side more to worry about. There's a hunger bar for your character, your friends have a hunger bar, and there's even a heat meter to respect – something similar to the mechanism in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

So, carry a torch with you at night or a fire monster that can keep you warm. Don't let them – or you – go hungry. It's game over, or at least, there's been a sudden drop in performance.

4) Multiplayer

Major games of the last generation allow multiplayer. Palworld does not disappoint in this regard. It's true that servers can support more players at the same time, but for now it's working reasonably well.

Public matches can host from 4 to 32 players. To do this, simply enable multiplayer mode on the home screen.

To invite friends to your server, simply go to the game options and pass the game code to the group.

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5) It's a beautiful game

Photo: Disclosure/PocketPair

Ok, don't demand realism, because that's not the goal. But the graphics, especially in the PC version, are excellent.

Not to mention, the idea of ​​putting cute monsters with powers has been a hit since the '90s.

Many Pokémon players are Palworld fans, perhaps because of fond memory. Maybe it's because Nintendo was late in releasing something really good based on the successful universe.

Ah, but Palworld is a blatant copy. Well, that's a matter for corporate lawyers. The developers ensure that there is no copy, just inspiration. decent.

5.5) 5th Series B

I don't even consider this a real topic. I swear I didn't even want to put it in the script, but I couldn't ignore it.

The success of Palworld here in Brazil also has to do with the game being translated into Portuguese on our servers.

Yes, the word “Pal” has not been translated, giving rise to many infamous jokes. I don't think I need to go on for long or give examples, you understand.

Videos showcasing these unique moments are being shared widely on TikTok.

A future in the world

According to Japanese studio PocketPair, Palworld is in its early stages and is still under development with the help of player feedback.

With the huge success, the developers are already working on expansions, such as:

  • PvP protection;
  • raid bosses;
  • Colleagues Square;
  • Cross-play between Steam and Xbox;
  • Improvements to the build system.
  • New islands, teammates, bosses and technologies;
  • In addition to bug fixes.

Currently available for PC, Xbox Series

However, access to Sony is not completely out of the question. Let's wait for the next steps.

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The information is from the edge.

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