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Goodbye Google photos?  Check out the best alternatives for storing your photos

Goodbye Google photos? Check out the best alternatives for storing your photos

Google Photos will soon lose its unlimited storage functionality on June 1, this The change has already been announced by the company in 2020So from that date onwards, free users will have to content themselves with saving their memories on the 15GB space shared by Google Drive. Check now the best free alternatives for those who don’t want to pay to save their photos and videos.

Microsoft OneDrive

Starting with Microsoft’s OneDrive, we have a service that works similarly to Google Drive. It is possible to store any type of files with automatic synchronization on different platforms. It’s a good option if you’re a Microsoft 365 subscriber, as these members are entitled to 1 TB of storage included with the plan.

Speaking of values, Microsoft 365 currently charges R $ 279.00 a year or R $ 28 a month. It is worth noting that this plan offers advanced tools using artificial intelligence for Office and other Microsoft products, including OneDrive itself, although it is not as complete and intuitive as Google Photos.

Finally, it is still possible to purchase an additional 100 GB on OneDrive individually for $ 9 per month, but without access to advanced Microsoft 365 tools. The free plan has 5 GB by default.

Microsoft OneDrive

Developer: Microsoft Corporation


Size: varies by platform

Amazon Pictures

Amazon Photos is an interesting option for those who are already Amazon customers, as they are entitled to 5 GB of free storage, just like OneDrive, but the interface is more intuitive here, although the Amazon service is limited to only managing photos and videos. Manage other files on Amazon Cloud Drive.

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It’s interesting to say that Amazon Photos has apps and software available for the most popular platforms like Windows, Android, and iOS. If you want to buy more storage, there are the following plans:

  • 100GB for $ 1.99 a month
  • 1 TB for $ 6.99 (BRL 37.13) a month

It is worth noting that Amazon discloses the values ​​on its international website, so additional taxes may be imposed on them at the time of purchase. There are still other plans with higher values, but they are mainly aimed at professionals.

Amazon Pictures

Developer: Amazon Mobile LLC


Size: 42 m

Apple Photos

Departure for pictures from Apple, a service that is already integrated with the company’s products and promises to be the best alternative for anyone who has an iPhone, iPad or any other Apple product, as it is the official exhibition of these devices.

Initially, it offers 5 GB of free storage for everyone, but it can be expanded by purchasing the 50 GB ($ 3.50 per month), 200 GB ($ 10.90 per month) or 1 TB ($ 34.90) plan) and still It is possible to share plans of 200 GB or higher with your family members.

There’s also an Apple One option, which is a combo suite that offers Apple Music, TV +, Apple Arcade, and 50GB of iCloud for R $ 26.50 a month and it could be an interesting option if you subscribe to Apple Music or TV +, for example.

Drop box

Dropbox is an old app known to many when it comes to backing up files. Although it doesn’t have an intuitive gallery like Google Photos, it is available on almost all platforms with automatic sync and document scanner.

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The free plan has 2 GB of storage, but with the Plus plan it can be increased to 2 TB for $ 9.99 a month. If you want to buy more space for family use, there is the Family Plan, which costs $ 16.99 per month and offers 2 TB for use by up to 6 users at the same time.

Plus, subscribing to a premium plan still allows you to use the built-in password manager with Dropbox, which is safe for important documents and large file sharing in the cloud.

Drop box

Developer: Dropbox, Inc.

Free – Offers in-app purchases

Size: 109 m


Flickr is the choice of many professional photographers, as it allows you to save up to 1000 photos or videos at no cost, but this is compensated for by the ads that appear to free users.

If you need more space or want to get rid of ads, there is the Flickr Pro plan with prices starting at $ 7.99 ($ ​​42.60) per month with unlimited storage at full resolution, access to detailed image statistics and more exclusive network benefits.

On the other hand, Flickr does not have the AI ​​tools for Google Photos and is designed to be a kind of social network for photographers, so I wouldn’t recommend using it for storing secret photos for example.


Developer: Flickr, Inc.

Free – Offers in-app purchases

Size: 22 m

No alternatives? Buy more Google One storage

Finally, if you want to pay for more storage for your photos and videos and what you can store in Google Drive as well, Google One plans start at R $ 6.99 a month or R $ 69.99 a year for an additional 100 GB.

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In addition, there is also a 2 TB plan for 34.99 BRL per month and 349.99 BRL per year, both of which can be shared with their family members registered with a Google account, which helps reduce the number of individuals the cost of this subscription.

Google photos

Developer: Google LLC

Free – Offers in-app purchases

Size: varies by device