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PlayStation announces PS Plus games in June 2021

PlayStation announces PS Plus games in June 2021

May be coming to an end, which means that Play Station Already announced the games that will be available on PS more In the month of June! From day one, players will be able to redeem Star Wars: Squadrons, Virtua Fighter V e Operatin: Tango In the subscription service, you play a lot of fun.

Star Wars: Swarms

Star Wars: Swarms It is a space combat game inside the Star Wars universe. The game was released in late 2020 and features frantic single-player and multiplayer battles, putting you in the role of a pilot in post-Jedi Return events. Offer immersive pilot experience, control X-Wing and TIE fighter, personalize your look and make you control weapons, armor and motors while fighting for freedom of new republic or empire system. One of the options that increases your immersion and driving experience is playing the game PlayStation VR.

Star Wars Squadrons It will be available for PS4 through Monday, July 5.

Virtua Fighter V: The Final Showdown

The classic arcade game arrives with a new redesigned, pre-signed version Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, Developer Yakuza Its doing Rule. at Virtua Fighter V: The Final Showdown You can find all already released characters, explore new content for each scenario and play online, with a multiplayer option for up to 16 participants, ranked matches, tournaments and competitive leagues. It is an excellent opportunity to play this classic game, and to enjoy the improved graphics and increased possibilities.

The game will be available for PlayStation Plus for two months, at June and July.

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Operation: Tango

at Operation: Tango You form a team in an effort to save the world. The game is a cooperative espionage adventure, operating in both local and online modes, where its objective is to complete missions around the world in a high-tech and futuristic scenario. Whether you play a hacker or an agent, you must overcome challenges and work together to succeed, so both players must have access to a microphone, since voice communication is required.

Infiltrate organizations, investigate and fight the forces that want to destroy the world, in this game that will be available Only for PS5 For PlayStation Plus members through Monday, July 5.

Remember, these are the last days to download a file May Games Make a PS Plus. No May 31 Available games will be updated and you will lose the opportunity to purchase Battlefield VAnd the Marooned deep e Wreckfest: hard drive. You finally die.

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