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Gmail gets an unprecedented new update;  Check out the news

Gmail gets an unprecedented new update; Check out the news

Earlier this year, Google announced, through a post on its blog, that Gmail won a new design and that its users can’t go back to the previous design, at least for now.

The platform update comes with a more unified interface that integrates Google Meet, Google Chat, video conferencing, and chat features.

Want to know more details about this new Gmail update? Read on!

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Do you use Gmail often?

Email, or e-mail, is a communication tool that allows you to send and receive different types of content. Widely used within companies, it is still the main means of sending and receiving official information.

However, digital messaging services, in turn, are always looking to adapt to customer needs to overcome neglect. Therefore, Google decided to update Gmail, making its design more attractive and the app’s functionality simpler. Learn about these changes below.

New Gmail update

In February 2022, Google started testing its update, making the new Gmail accessible to users in April. If the public does not like the design, it will be possible to roll back to the previous version, but this is only after the testing period, which has no fixed end date.

Gmail users can choose which of the platforms—from Meet, Spaces, or Chat—they’d like to see on the left side of the email window. This personalization can be fine-tuned to include the most relevant apps with the quick options available in the new design.

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Audiences can also choose whether they prefer to use Gmail only or Gmail in combination with another service, such as Meet. This tool ensures that the client’s need to keep switching between windows and tabs is reduced, thus simplifying control while using the services.

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All those using the old G Suite Basic and Business plans, Google Workspace Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Google Workspace Business Starter, and nonprofits can now use the updated Gmail, but others still don’t. able to access it.

Google also revealed this month that the new Gmail interface will be made mandatory for all users. The company announced via a blog post that Gmail users will not be able to go back to their previous layout right away.

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