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Your computer could be in the hands of hackers and you wouldn't imagine it;  How to find out?

Your computer could be in the hands of hackers and you wouldn’t imagine it; How to find out?

Cyber ​​security is increasingly being strengthened as new attacks emerge. It has silent characteristics, where the affected user is not aware of what is going on internally with their device.

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These are the instances of a botnet, which is a group of computerized devices connected to a single network. Those under its control, who have remote access, are able to carry out some kind of fraud or sell personal information, as is the case with Emotet.

What is Emotet?

First of all, it is important to know what your goal is. When a Trojan is created, the way it works and the expected results are different. Specifically, Emotet was a banking Trojan that sought to steal bank details.

Nowadays, malware is not just a file virus But it is a complex network full of malicious features. They are working on possibilities aimed at facilitating the coup over the Internet, and using other people’s computers to carry it out.

He was ousted by an international task force after damaging the billionaire. Even with the involvement, Emotet returned after 10 months of inactivity.

What is the target audience for this malware?

As much as large companies are a desirable target, since they have a lot of money movement, as well as repeat visitation, the attacks can happen with normal people, without any commercial involvement.

Its main target is government regulations, which do not erase the danger to ordinary people. During attacks on businesses, they are more likely to demand ransomware, which is cryptographic malware that holds personal computer files hostage.

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For the release, the amount is charged in cryptocurrencies, so that the hacker is not tracked and his data exposed, so that his identity is preserved. Most of the reports come from the United States and Europe🇧🇷

How is Emotet detected?

They are found in frequently sent campaigns via email, where a person clicks and interacts with the platform and the computer is actually infected. In other words, it can be detected in phishing emails, which are those that contain an attachment.

Once infected, your computer will download other types of malware without you even noticing. Also, various spam activities will be performed. It will enter your email contact list, and will send the content to everyone inside. With the security of being a close person, the chance that a family member or close friend will click is greater than if a company sends it.