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Gilmar Mendes vaccinated against Covid-19 in DF: ‘Science saves lives’

A fifth Federal Supreme Court Minister receives the ban, a 65-year-old jurist celebrated SUS and congratulated the work of the capital’s health secretary.

Nelson Jr. / SCCO / STF“A vaccine for everyone,” Gilmar Mendes wrote on his Twitter account after receiving the vaccine

Minister Gilmar Mendes, Act Federal Supreme Court (STF) He claimed to have received the first dose of Vaccine against Covid-19 This Friday, the 16th, at Federal District. Yesterday I took my first dose of the vaccine against Covid-19. I congratulate the DF Health Ministry which has worked extensively to advance immunization in the capital. Science saves lives! #VacinaParaTodos #VivaOSuS, ”he wrote on his Twitter page. At the age of 65, Mendes was the fifth Supreme Court minister to be vaccinated, then Marco Aurelio MeloAnd the Rosa Weber and Ricardo Lewandowski e Louise Fox. The other senior members of government who also got the first dose are the vice president Hamilton Morrow And ministers Paulo Guedes (Economie), Augusto Heleno (Institutional Security Office), Teresa Christina (Agriculture) and Marcelo Quiroga (Health), she was vaccinated before taking office.

In December last year, the Supreme Court decided in favor of mandatory vaccination against The new corona virusWithout this indicating forced immunization. In practice, states and municipalities will be independent in determining penalties against those who do not receive the vaccine, as long as they are reasonable measures and are backed by laws. At that time, the president Jair Bolsonaro He was against the decision. The CEO said that a “experimental” vaccine could not be mandatory nor would there be a vaccine for the entire population, so it would not be possible to apply restrictive measures to those who had not been vaccinated. Since then, the president and his allies have adopted a rhetoric more favorable to immunity, which Bolsonaro now views as an alternative to beating the health crisis and restarting the economy. Despite this, the president has stated that he will be “the last” to be vaccinated, even though the vaccination is already available for his 66-year-old, in the Federal District.

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