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Gilmar Mendes says the Tokyo Stock Exchange has suffered harassment from Bolsonaro’s minister

Gilmar Mendes says the Tokyo Stock Exchange has suffered harassment from Bolsonaro’s minister

Statement by the Dean of the STF in reference to former Defense Minister, Paulo Sergio Nogueira, during the 2022 elections

The Dean of the Supreme Federal Court (STF), Minister Gilmar Méndez, said on Monday (November 13, 2023) that the Supreme Electoral Court has suffered a crisis. “harassment” Made by former Defense Minister Paulo Sergio Nogueira during the 2022 elections. This came during the “The Role of the Sudanese Armed Forces in Democracy” seminar promoted by the newspaper State of San Paulo In partnership with Mackenzie Presbyterian University.

“The Tokyo Stock Exchange suffered from harassment, not from the population or fans of Bolsonaro’s election, but from the Minister of Defense, who every morning wrote a letter to Minister Facin and Minister Facin responded in the afternoon.”“, announced the Minister.

The atmosphere was tense between the defense and the court until the end of the elections. In a letter sent by the ministry to the court, Paulo Sergio stated that the armed forces did not feel “Duly prestigious” To answer the call of the stock exchange.

In total, there were 7 recommendations to the TSE. However, they were all rejected on May 9. According to the court, contributions to the electoral process can only be made until December 17, 2021.

At that time the then-President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) said the TSE refused to discuss with the armed forces. In his speeches, the former head of the executive branch cited, on more than one occasion, Minister Fachin’s statement that those who deal with the elections are responsible. “Disarmed forces”.

Congress overlooked

During the symposium, Gilmard also defended the role of the STF in setting the date for this “Omission” From the National Congress. According to the judge, the Constitution requires the Supreme “the answers” In the field of unconstitutional legislative or administrative omissions.

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“Failure to legislate to regulate a fundamental right means failure to adhere to the Constitution.”he announced.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday (November 8, 2023) resumed its analysis of alleged negligence by Congress in regulating parental leave.

a ADO (Direct Action for Unconstitutionality by Omission) 20 The National Union of Health Workers, which it filed in 2012, asks why the legislature has not enacted the law and regulated the right enshrined in the 1988 Constitution.

Without regulation, the deadline stipulated in the CLT (Consolidation of Labor Laws) is 5 days. Maternity leave, which is regulated, is 120 days.