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Gil do Vigor movimentou a web ao fazer uma live para celebrar 100 anos de Paulo Freire:

Gilles de Vigor celebrates 100 years of Paulo Freire: ‘Love and Conscience’

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Gil do Vigor sent a message this Sunday (19). From the United States who was attending a postdoc, is the famous former BBB teacher Paulo Freire, who will be 100 years old today. “Dear friends, today is the day to celebrate the centenary of one of my greatest references to education. Today, my compatriot Paolo Freire will turn 100. He left us a legacy of love and awareness through education. He raised his name and teachings. Viva Freire!

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While on the reality show Globo and beyond, Gill has always commented on how studying has changed his life. “Some people close their eyes to the obvious and I am an example. I come from a public school and today I have a Ph.D. This would never be possible if no one again understood the importance of bringing the poor to where they should be, because there are so many Knowledge leakage,” Jill said during He lives With ex-President Lula and Thelma Assis, BBB20 Champion.

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