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Diego Hipolito mocks and takes Ponneho's ear at Show dos Famosos TV News

Diego Hipolito mocks and takes Ponneho’s ear at Show dos Famosos TV News

Diego Hippolito turned into Gustavo Lima, paid an assistant in Famous Show It became a joke on social networks this Sunday (19). The former gymnast also ended up getting an ear lift from JB Oliveira, Boninho. “I’m going to be boring, a score of 9.7,” the judge said, complaining that he wasn’t entirely devoted to honor.

On the third day of View popular offersHypolito was given the task of imitating the owner of the famous song with the chorus “chee cherere chee chee, Gusttavo Lima and you”, but ended up resenting viewers and was reprimanded by Globo art director.

“I loved your presentation and your first moments. You surprised me with your singing. We’re going to do some research, and I’m going to be really boring. There’s something to be done by your coach, who has worked with you.” [ter ensinado]. he is [Gusttavo Lima] He sings with his left hand. “He doesn’t sing with his right hand,” the head of Big Brother Brazil warned.

“I knew it, but the problem is that because it’s so new, I did it on purpose with my right hand,” the former athlete explained. “Then I will be boring. [Nota] 9.7 Sing with your left hand! Anna Furtado’s husband noted.

On Twitter, Internet users did not forgive Diego Hipolito’s performance, which in some comments became a joke. “Diego is that typical case where we look at and think: ‘Guys, didn’t you have a friend to tell you?’ A profile known only as Dom Henrique wondered.

Watch an excerpt from Diego Hipolito’s presentation:

Check out some reactions on Twitter:

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