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Gilberto tweeted Pabllo Vittar on a live broadcast and talked about his love life: "I haven't caught anyone yet" |  big success

Gilberto tweeted Pabllo Vittar on a live broadcast and talked about his love life: “I haven’t caught anyone yet” | big success

It was a virtual meeting of people. the previous-BBB Gilberto Came into “effect” in the live broadcast Pablo Vitar About the release of her new song “Ama, Sofre e Chora” on Thursday 6/5. In this “Do Vigor” method, Jill breathed on his love life: “I haven’t caught anyone yet.”

Through his experience as a public figure, Pablo explained that fame tends to intimidate suitors: “The more you know, the fewer people you understand?” I thought it was the opposite, Jill was surprised.

Pablo Vitar Releases New Song – Photo: Disclosure / Irna Coast

There was a dog, but there was also room for a public announcement of admiration from an ex-brother, a fan of the cards: “I really love you. I admire you. I’ve always heard your words. The song” Indestructible “entered my heart in the most important part of my life.”

“In the past year, I have questioned myself a lot. I have had personal problems with my sexuality and whenever I listen to music I feel the words, and I told myself that I cannot survive, that I will become stronger and indestructible. You are an inspiration. Your words and your dogs are important to the world.”

Pabllo responded by saying that, like most Brazilians, she had also become a fan of Gil do Vigor: “I’ve been happy with you since day one. You’ve also helped me out at various times during the program.”

Pablo Vitar says he also likes Gilberto – Image: Reproduction / Instagram

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