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The most unusual roles for Queen Elizabeth’s employees

Did you know the Queen only has one person to set 600 at Buckingham Palace?

It is commonly believed that what is happening inside the Queen Elizabeth residences in the United Kingdom is a secret. Well, it looks like it’s not all. A recent study by Hello Magazine revealed some of the more unusual roles of royal staff. paying off!

1. The head of the family

A role that requires coordinating all official and private events in a royal home, this six-figure position also oversees the kitchen and cleaning crew.

2. The Royal Horological Conservator

This employee is responsible for updating all clocks in the royal family. The problem is that in total, there are 450 clocks at Windsor Castle, 600 at Buckingham Palace and 50 at Holyroodhouse Palace, all of which have to be corrected manually.

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3. O Boticário da Família

The position is currently held by GP Tim Evans, essentially meaning the Queen’s private physician.

4. The Queen’s Sergeant Flag

As the name suggests, this job oversees the science process. Sergeant Lance Patrick Nelson has held this position since 2017 and is responsible for raising the royal standard for Buckingham Palace when the Queen is in residence and for raising the Union flag when she is not.

5. The Great Sculptor

Royal banquets used to be regular occasions in the great royal families, so having someone specifically to carve her meat by hand was quite appropriate. Although this happens less often now, the role is still populated by genetics.

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