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Gerson says Botafogo could have scored more goals in Nautico and warns Luis Oyama

Gerson says Botafogo could have scored more goals in Nautico and warns Luis Oyama

victory Botafogo in a ratio of 3 to 1 on Nautical analyzed by GersonCanhotinha de Ouro on her YouTube channel. Alvinegro idol thinks the score can be higher in a valid match B . seriesAlthough terrified at first.

– Did they come to sleep? Nautical is no fool. And everyone in Botafogo knows the Náutico coach (Marcelo Chamosca). Then it was easy. What if I don’t? You have to pay attention to the game. Botafogo team is good, well organized, well prepared, just watch out. In eight minutes he scored a goal. Since then, I could have done three, because Náutico backed off to wait and entered Botafogo. missed goals. I could have done three, that’s no exaggeration – said Gerson.

– This 3 x 1 score could have been made in the first half. In the second, as Nautico’s moves progressed anyway, the counterattack opened. It wasn’t long before Botafogo could easily score another three or four goals – he added.

Warning to Luis Oyama

One of the greatest midfielders in Brazilian football history, Gerson alerted and gave advice to Louis Oyama, author of Botafogo’s first goal.

Oyama is a good player, but he plays far back. Get the ball, first think in the opposite direction, you have to think forward. Sometimes, throwing the ball puts the attacker facing the goal. There is a striker for that. Oyama dominates and looks back, in one of these he counterattacked in favor of Nautical. You have to take notice. He’s a good midfielder, he can’t think twice, he has to think halfway and play the match. Be smart and don’t be late. Gerson said he scored a beautiful goal from outside the area, and that’s what we expect from him.

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Idol Botafogo did not like the performance of defenders either Kano NS Gilvan A change that was promoted in the period.

Marco Antonio, who finished the last match, was kicking ass in that game. You have done everything correctly. The first half is over Warley and the Diego GonçalvesThat turned to the left and Marco Antonio to the right. I think the coach killed the team and killed the side entrances. Marco Antonio was faint on the right and Diego Gonçalves fainted on the left. The bright side is no longer. The wings came out too. The team went down with this movement, and I didn’t understand a thing. in 33 minutes ChayI don’t understand either, he must be tired, because he’s fine. Just talk, stay there on the side NavarroDon’t come back here – it’s over.

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