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Gender equality in UK companies?  Only after 2036 - Executive Digest

Gender equality in UK companies? Only after 2036 – Executive Digest

The struggle for gender equality in the business environment in the United Kingdom has suffered a setback due to the epidemic, with consultants The Pipeline pointing to a report released this Wednesday that four years is still needed to regain the equality that has been achieved. It had CNBC access.

This document evaluates the status of the FTSE 350, which includes companies listed on the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 – two leading UK stock indices.

The consultant found that the forecast for gender equality on the board of directors of these UK public enterprises has increased to 2036 in four years.

“The epidemic provided an opportunity to progress with significant change, but instead we retreated, and the chances of women trying to climb into the senior ranks of the FTSE 350 companies appear to be darker than ever,” the company said in a statement.

Companies with at least 50% women on board members had a profit margin of 21.2%, while companies without women in executive positions had a profit margin of 17.5%.

“If companies continue to ignore the importance of gender diversity, the UK will suffer financially and struggle to recover quickly from the epidemic,” the company said.

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