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Macron defends “strategic autonomy” from the US and China

Macron defends “strategic autonomy” from the US and China

The French president said Europe should use this opportunity to build its position as a “3rd pole” among nations

French President Emmanuel Macron has said Europe has no interest in escalating the crisis over Taiwan, saying “Strategic autonomy“to prevent European countries”Slaves” from America and China.

In his estimation, “can occupy the position of .3rd pole” between countries. This information was given in an interview with a French newspaper Les Echos Released this Sunday (9.Apr.2023).

Macron returned from a trip to China where he met President Xi Jinping. On the same date as the interview, the Chinese military simulated precision strikes against Taiwan. The 2nd day of exercises took place around the island.

In this case it is too bad to think that we as Europeans have to follow suit and conform to American speed and Chinese hyperbole.“, he said.

Macron said Europe should seize the opportunity to create an alternative position between the US and China.

If duopoly conflict accelerates, we won’t have the time or the means to fund our strategic autonomy, and we could be the 3rd pole if we have a few years to build it, while we become slaves.“, he announced.

In Macron’s assessment, without strategic autonomy Europe risks fading into history.

Strategic autonomy should be Europe’s struggle. Don’t want to depend on others for important things. A day when you don’t have energy choices, how to protect yourself, social networks, artificial intelligence because we don’t have the infrastructure for these things, you leave history for a moment.“, he said.

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