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friends?  Popo makes fun of Bambam again and gets a response

friends? Popo makes fun of Bambam again and gets a response

Hey Brutal 36-second knockout by Acelino Bobo Freitas on Cléber Bambamlast Saturday (24), is still causing a stir on social media.

Last Sunday (25), the boxer used his account on Instagram to “dissipate” A friendly atmosphere between the duo He once again mocked the winner of the first edition of Big Brother Brazil.

On the social network, Bobo posted a cartoon image as if he were a sheriff from the Wild West arresting the “wanted” Bambam, who appears to be completely injured while being carried on the back of a donkey.

The post had received more than 550,000 likes as of Monday (26) morning, revitalizing the rivalry between the duo.

In fact, BamBam didn't let the post go unnoticed.

In the same post, the bodybuilder and influencer left a reply in which he sent a “warning” to Bobo.

“Missile is on, huh!”, Clipper fired.

BamBam's idea for continuing as a fighter now is to face an international duo. Details remain to be determined, however Influencer He warned that “the world will stop to watch this battle,” which will likely take place in December.

Bobo, in turn, already knows when he will return to the ring and against whom. The four-time world boxing champion will challenge businessman Guilherme Grillo on March 23, in celebration of Florianopolis' anniversary.

The fight has been scheduled since August last year and will be part of Danki fight showWhich will combine struggle and technology. Grillo, Bobo's opponent, has been fighting for over 10 years and is considered an “AI wizard.”

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