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Matos: “Palmeiras needs to solve this schizophrenia with Paulista” - 09/05/2021

Matos: “Palmeiras needs to solve this schizophrenia with Paulista” – 09/05/2021

Palmeiras explained that they would use the Paulista Tournament as a tester. Without using maximum force in the state duels, the team was threatened with elimination in the first stage. The 3-0 victory over Ponte BritaIs allied with Defeat Grêmio Novorizontino at the hands of Corinth, He took the team to the quarter-finals, when they faced Red Bull Bragantino. The question remains: Will Palmeiras continue to take the tests or go with maximum force to the final extension of the Polestau?

No The end of the chat, Live from Sports – With journalists Isabella Lapit, Renato Mauricio Prado, Menon, and Rodrigo Matos – the palm “dilemma” was discussed and the opinion of the columnists split.

For Mattos, if Palmeiras put his players on the field against Red Bull Bragantino, there would be a contradiction to the initial rhetoric of using the state as a tester. “It will be the most balanced duel in the quarter-finals. Red Bull Bragantino has strengthened itself, it is a strong team and Palmeiras have to solve this schizophrenia. This year they said Paulista was pre-season. If he will follow the speech, I don’t have to worry about the outcome.” If you exert the maximum force, it will be completely incoherent. “

Renato thinks Alfredi should play the pitch with their best squads to face Red Bull Bragantino. The author believes that, as a classification of the next stage of Libertadores In full swing, the team can turn their attention to the state.

“It will be the most difficult game Palmeiras will play before the Paulista final. Maybe Abel Ferreira will have to reinforce the team a little. If I were him, I would have strengthened the team to beat Red Bull Bragantino. Palmeiras started the season with losing titles. The situation in Libertadores is calm. Is it not time to play against Red Bull. Bragantino and Libertadores mix? ”

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Menon also believes Palmeiras can view Paulista with more interest, once he qualifies and will have a tough opponent ahead of him. “I would also be playing with a mixed team against Independiente Del Valle. After Red Bull Bragantino, I could be Corinth Or Inter de Limera. Corinthians are weaker than the Red Bull Bragantino, but it’s a classic. The Palmeiras needed to solve their situation with Paulista. He concluded that when he loses, he is her “Paulistine”, and when he wins, he places it on account as part of the Triple Crown. “