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Fraud on RAM machines leads to billion dollar fines in US

Fraud on RAM machines leads to billion dollar fines in US

These are The equipment allowed more nitric oxides to be emitted than allowed by lawIt causes acid rain, air pollution and health problems.

The agreement is the largest environmental agreement made under the Clean Air Act in the United States and the second largest in history.BP was ordered to pay US$21 billion (R$101 billion) following the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion.

US Environmental Protection Agency Fellow Michael Reagan said, “Vulnerable communities are more likely to live near freeways where these harmful emissions are concentrated, making this agreement critical to advancing our environmental justice agenda.”

Cummins said, “I have seen no evidence that anyone acted in bad faith and does not condone this practice.”

The company also pointed out that the penalty should not harm it. It is “in a strong financial position, satisfying obligations related to existing liquidity and access to capital covenants, supporting ongoing operations and implementing the growth strategy.”

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