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Formula 1 says manhole failure “occurs” after practice without fans in Las Vegas

Formula 1 says manhole failure “occurs” after practice without fans in Las Vegas

As a result, organizers said that for safety, they had to release people working at the event, as they were working long hours. As a result, the stands and even the VIP areas had to be evacuated.

The cars raced to the empty grandstands for 90 minutes without any further problems in the sewers.

Fans reported a lack of information during the waiting period, and were angry at the suggestion that they were not rewarded. Formula 1 did not apologize in the statement to the fans, saying: “We have all been to events that have been canceled for weather reasons and for technical reasons. This happens, and we hope people understand that.”

Shortly after, they announced that people with tickets for Thursday only would receive a $200 voucher to spend at the event store. The amount is similar to what these fans paid to watch free training sessions and is equivalent, with fees added, to some tickets for three days of São Paulo GB activities.

It is worth noting that the Las Vegas GP is, by far, the one with the most expensive tickets. So much so that Formula 1 is having difficulty selling all tickets, and prices have already been cut by half in some cases.

It is also worth noting that in reality there have been other cases of manhole covers coming loose. But this should not be normalized. The justification is that checking street circuits is often more difficult because roads must be closed. In a calendar that has favored this type of track, even because of a directive from Liberty Media, Formula 1’s owner, to combine races with tourist destinations, everything that happened Thursday and early Friday morning in Las Vegas should serve to bring about changes rather than compromise.

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