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Formula 1: Hamilton feels uncomfortable with the specific look of the Mercedes 23

Formula 1: Hamilton feels uncomfortable with the specific look of the Mercedes 23

Breton and Toto Wolff did not go into detail about the problem, but the president emphasized that it was not something that could be fixed quickly.

Seven times world champion Formula 1 He was beaten by his countryman and his comrade Mercedes George Russell In 2022, the English veteran Lewis Hamilton He was again behind the young Brit this past weekend, when Saudi Arabia GPthe second stage of F1 2023.

After the Jeddah race, Hamilton said his car’s configuration was worse than his W14 Under Russell’s guidance, he revealed that his discomfort with this year’s car was due to a particular element in the model’s design, which “didn’t fit his driving”.

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While it is believed that the bad moment can be mitigated by an increase downforce Of the car, which will be left behind in particular, Hamilton said there were more things inherent to the design that he wasn’t happy about.

“The more we earn [estabilidade] In the back, the more confident you are in attacking. But I think overall this car, even if we tinker with it, has something specific that I didn’t have before.”

Lewis continued, “It’s a situation I haven’t had with the cars of previous years. For me, that’s what makes me uncomfortable. I just have to work and make sure these changes are,” without elaborating.

Toto Wolff, Team President and CEO of Mercedes-AMG, with Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes-AMG

Photography: Steve Etherington / Motorsport Pictures

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff admitted the team was aware of the issue raised by Hamilton, but said there was no immediate solution to the issue. “There’s something in particular he’s not happy about,” he said, “something to do with the way he feels in the ass.” Motorsport.com.

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“It’s not something that can be ‘cure’ quickly. But the drivers are our most important sensors in the car, and if they say something, we need to think about it,” the Austrian manager wondered.

Although Hamilton and Wolff did not detail this issue, it is notable that it is something that is particularly evident when a driver is trying to push the W14 to the limit, such as in qualifying sessions.

Occurs when you are above 95% [da pilotagem], but when you’re on a racing mission, it’s something more controllable and predictable. “But I still don’t have confidence in racing even though I’m doing my best,” said Hamilton.

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