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Artist pays homage to Ayrton Senna and shows what he’ll look like at the age of 63

Artist pays homage to Ayrton Senna and shows what he’ll look like at the age of 63

Pilot Ayrton Senna

Sina Documentary Poster – Image / Disclosure / Universal Pictures

we talk about Formula 1 It is impossible to mention the name of the Brazilian pilot Ayrton Senna. He has worked both in Brazil and in the world, becoming one of the most famous figures in the automotive world and beyond as well. His family founded an NGO called Ayrton Senna Institutewhich aims to contribute to the development of projects aimed at improving Brazilian education, among other campaigns.

Senna was known for his unique driving style. The pilot liked to be “ferocious” in the curves, using the brakes a little and taking advantage of the engine reduction to be able to reduce and regain speed quickly on the straights.

He turned the steering wheel a lot, managing to get more speed into the curves. Ayrton knew the importance of preparing pilots before a race. For this reason, he trains as hard as any other professional athlete, to perform at his best.

The Brazilian pilot left his mark as an example of perseverance, hard work and humility.

the artist Hydroly DiawIn celebration of Senna’s 63rd birthday, created with the help of artificial intelligence and his skills in image editing, a photo reimagining of what he would look like today. The result thrilled his followers and served to quell nostalgia for the great Brazilian Formula 1 icon.

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