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FMS 4: MC Gui knocks out Nego do Borel and fans invade the ring at SP|  fighting

FMS 4: MC Gui knocks out Nego do Borel and fans invade the ring at SP| fighting

On home soil, in São Paulo, MC Gui delighted the local fans by defeating Nego do Borel at 1 minute 54 seconds of the third round, in the co-main battle of Fight Music Show 4, at Vibra São Paulo, this Saturday. With the interruption of the referee who declared MC Gui the winner, the fans stormed the ring and a brawl broke out between the musician members, but it was quickly brought under control. Watch the moment of victory below!

Watch the moment MC Gui inflicts a TKO on Nego do Borel

MC Gui knocked out Nego do Borel in the third round – Photo: Mariana Lima/FMS

In the first round, Nego started by trying to touch MC Gui's waistline. Then he made shots that ended in his opponent's goal. MC Gui used punches to establish distance, while Nego do Borel tried to fight back and the strikes went to no avail. MC Gui controlled the center of the ring but with strikes in space. Nego do Borel showed a lot of movement, while MC Gui had more difficulty finding him.

In the second round, MC Gui landed blows to his opponent's waistline, but again had difficulty finding Nego do Borel, who used a lot of dribbles and movements. One of Nego's blows hit MC Gui in the back of the head and the referee reprimanded him. At the end of the round, MC Gui took a big hit, but Nego do Borel absorbed it.

MC Gui defeated Nego do Borel in the third round at FMS 4 – Photo: Mariana Lima/FMS

In the next round, upon reaching the halfway point of the fight scheduled for up to six rounds, MC Gui felt a sense of urgency in looking for a fight. He managed to touch Nigo with punches. In the final seconds, MC Gui used his body to knock Nego do Borel out of the ring, sparking a lot of complaints. On the way back, MC Gui stepped up and delivered powerful blows, shaking Nego who was close to his corner. MC Gui then combined two more strikes and left Nego standing tied to the ropes. The referee quickly stopped the fight. While MC Gui was celebrating, the Rio player complained a lot about the decision.

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MC Gui's fans invaded the ring to celebrate — Photo: Reproduction/Combate

Check out the full results from Fight Music Show 4:

Main card:
Acelino Bobo Freitas x Clipper Bambam (boxing)
MC Gui beat Nego do Borel by TKO in 1min54s from R3 (boxing)
Emeline Juarez defeats Fernanda Lacerda via unanimous decision (trilogy 40-36) (Boxing)
Luiz Otavio Mesquita defeated Tomaz Costa by unanimous decision (58-56, 60-54 and 59-55) (Boxing)
Ray Physick and Natural Bra Cavallo defeated Bobry Loco and Chefy2K by technical knockout in the 12th minute of R3 (boxing doubles)
Initial card:
Fabio Maldonado defeated Leo Lilico by technical knockout (medical interruption) in 1 minute and 38 seconds of the fourth round (boxing)
Martin Varley defeated Lucas Bomba by split decision (MMA)
Hugo Paiva defeated Wellington Souza by technical knockout in 4 minutes and 16 seconds from R1 (MMA)
Pedro Oliveira defeated Max Alves by knockout in 3 minutes and 14 seconds from R1 (MMA)