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Fluminense beats Cerro in Paraguay and opens the way to the Libertadores

Fluminense beats Cerro in Paraguay and opens the way to the Libertadores

in Paraguay Fluminense He played well and beat Cerro Porteno 2-0, with two goals from Nene and Ejidio. Now, Tricolor returns to Rio de Janeiro with a big advantage in the Round of 16 Editors.

Even away from home and without Fred’s injury, Flo was unaware of the opponent and was better throughout the match. The score was slightly 2-0 to the Brazilian superiority in Asuncion.

With the captain’s armband, Nenê not only opened up the scoreboard but also gave a celebratory performance at La Olla Azulgrana, enlisting the help of Caio Paulista, Luiz Henrique, André and company to deliver impressive results in Brazil in the continental competition.

Nene leads the team and is the best on the field

Free kick on the crossbar, beautiful goal and plays. If there was a previous dispute over a place in the starting lineup, Nene once and for all won the place in the starting 11 for Roger Machado with the brilliant match in Paraguay. The No. 77 jersey was the best Fluminense had on the field in a superb performance at La Ola Azulgrana, only being substituted to keep the physical part. The 40-year-old midfielder put on a celebratory show.

Cayo Paulista and Luiz Henrique are driving Paraguayans crazy

Criticized in 2020, primary in Fluminense in 2021. Cayo Paulista only needed to take carnival From Rio de Janeiro to Asuncion. Tactically significant, the striker also made great plays on the left side and outplayed almost every move on both sides of the field. Substitute Gabriel Teixeira from the right, Luiz Henrique started the match very well, scoring the first goal and tired Cerro’s defense in the second half.

The flu starts better and is dangerous

Even as Fluminense played away from home, he won at La Olla Azulgrana and put Cerro Porteno at the wheel for the first few minutes of the match. Tricolor occupied the offensive field and took off a few spaces in defense, creating many chances, but the goal was missing. At six, Nene almost opened the scoring, but Jean saved superbly. Three minutes later, in a blitzkrieg, Iago was killed in the penalty area and hit it hard, forcing the Paraguayan goalkeeper to intervene again.

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Gene saves Cerro Porteno from the worst

Interestingly, the Brazilian was the villain of Tricolor in the first half. Jean, formerly Sao Paulo, Atlético jo Bahia, who scored the “Cyclone” goal, saved his team from the worst saves. In the first 15 minutes, he already had three defenders, but after 24 minutes, with a low shot from Abel Hernandez, the goalkeeper had his superb movement in the match, playing with his fingertips to avoid the first goal. from influenza.

Baby stamps missing dash

Fluminense had the match when Gabriel Teixeira, at the age of 28, counter-attacked and Duarte dropped him on the edge of the area. The serious mistake almost made the tricolor unlock the score. On the set, Nene hit on a whim, but stopped at the crossbar. Champion so far, goalkeeper Jan has been fixed in the middle of the goal and wouldn’t have a chance to do anything in the show.

Ciro scares Boselli

Other old acquaintances of the tricolor fan almost contracted the flu at the age of 34: the former club striker, Mateus Gonçalves, crossed Boselli’s head, but the experienced striker, with a pass through CorinthiansStop by Marcus Philip. The header from close range found a superb defense by the tricolor goalkeeper to save Fluminense. Before, Morales had already scared the team from Laranjeiras, with a kick in the penalty area.

The VAR offside and disallowed Ciro’s goal

Chances made the home team grow in the match by the end of the first half. At the age of 40, Flo’s defense immediately overpowered and Bocelli took home a lottery prize from Aquino, another former tricolor player. The center striker participated with Marcos Felipe, overcame him, and, with an open goal, entered the net. The assistant immediately raised the offside flag, which was confirmed by the VAR. The goal was properly disallowed, as the Paraguay national team striker was really offensive.

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The flu returns better and the result opens

At the start of the match, Fluminense started much better than Cerro Porteno, with Luiz Henrique replacing Gabriel Teixeira. But this time, it didn’t take long for the nets to swing. In three minutes, the young man who had just entered Andrei’s desk, went to the finish line and crossed back. Abel punctured, but Caio Paulista fixed it until Nene arrived hitting hard to open the scoreboard.

Ciro loses a clear chance

Shortly thereafter, despite losing the match somewhat, Ciro had a clear chance of a tie, but lost. At six, Espinola received a ball after a confusion in the area and sent it alone. Paraguay almost does not equal the score.

Egidio scores his first goal with the flu and raises

Fluminense’s goal made Cerro Porteno open up more, and with his slow defense, he gives up many spaces. With nothing to do with it, Tricolor quickly took advantage. At the age of 15, Flo did well on the left and the ball reached Egidio, who dropped a bombshell to score his first goal in his tricolor and increased the bill for Paraguay.

The three colors almost refer to the third

In another play on the left, Tricolor almost scored another goal at La Olla Azulgrana. At the age of 20, Egidio took advantage of a corner kick to grab the defender as he left and passed high. Abel Hernandez went higher than anyone else and swept the second stick, but the ball came out choppy taking the ink off Jean’s goal. Six minutes later, in a counterattack, Caio Paulista hit him hard, but sent him on the counterattack.

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The VAR takes action but does not score an Egidio penalty

Cerro Porteño was so much worse than Fluminense that the video judgement more than frightened Tricolor in Paraguay. At 33, the VAR took action to check a possible handball to Egidio in the penalty area. This move was questionable, and without clarity he ordered the referee to continue the match while maintaining his field defense.

Luca isolates a big chance at the end of the match

The result would have been better if, in a small area, Luca had not isolated the opportunity he had in 44 of the second half. The No. 7 shirt did not take advantage of Luis Henrique’s accidental bounce, in a brilliant move on the left. With the knife and cheese in hand, the goalkeeper was beaten, the player missed a very clear opportunity to practically close the match in the first match.

data sheet

Copa Libertadores da America 2021

Cerro Porterio 0x2 Fluminence

date and time: 07/13/2021, 7:15 pm (GMT)
Sweetened: La Nueva Ola Stadium, Asuncion (PAR)
Rule: Facundo Tello (Argentina)
Auxiliaries: Cristian Navarro (Argentina) and Julio Fernandez (Argentina)
Video arbitrator: Cesar Deschler (Che)

Objectives: Nenê, in the 3′ of the second period, and Egidio, in the 15′ of the second period
yellow cards: Alexis Duarte (CP)

Cerro Portini: Jean. Espinola (Fernando Romero), Duarte, Delvale, Alan; Villasante, Morales (Adrien Martinez), Carrascal (Popadilla), Claudio Aquino, Mateus Gonçalves (Jimenez); Mauro Boselli (accurate). idiomatic: Francisco Ars.

luminous: Marcos Philip; Samuel Xavier, Manuel, Lucas Claro, Egidio; Andre (Wellington), Iago Philippe, Nene (Cazares); Gabriel Teixeira (Luis Henrique), Caio Paulista (Kaiqui) and Abel Hernandez (Luca). idiomatic: Roger Machado.