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A switch gets in the way, and Brazil has two judo finalists

A switch gets in the way, and Brazil has two judo finalists

The switch caused “premature endings”. Male category condition over 100 kg. The Americans with the best positions in the world rankings faced each other in the quarterfinals: Andy Granda (6th) and Rafael Silva, “Pepe” (8th). The Cuban ended up winning Ippon, blocking the Brazilian’s dream of winning an unprecedented gold medal at the Pan Championships.

The same thing happened in the semi-finals of the men’s under 100 kg category. Leonardo Gonsalves and Canadian Shadi El Nahhas, the two best in the world rankings present in the Pan, had no chance of facing each other in the decision. Brazilian Ipon suffered.

Beatriz Souza also suffered an ungrateful draw. The Brazilian, the top American in the world rankings, faced Idalis Ortiz, a four-time Olympic medalist and three-time current Pan champion, in the quarterfinals, and the Cuban emerged victorious in the encounter.

Despite the obstacles, two Brazilians qualified for the finals and will compete for the gold medal. He will face Cuban Rafael Macedo in a decision in the under-90kg category. Samantha Soares will face Puerto Rican Sairi Colon in the under-78kg category.

Caio Santos fell in the semi-finals and will compete for the bronze medal. Eliza Ramos was eliminated in the round of 16 and disqualified from a rematch in the under-78kg category.

The finals are scheduled to take place today, starting at 3pm (Brasilia time).

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