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Flamengo sponsor does not renew the contract

Flamengo sponsor does not renew the contract

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Sale does not renew with Flamengo and stops printing the brand on the sleeve of his red and black shirt

Flamengo's trading board has approved Pixbet as the club's main sponsor for the next two seasons. However, Silvius decided not to renew the association with Minghao. The company will print shirt sleeves in red and black during 2023.

According to YouTuber Gabriel Reis, known as Paparazzo Rubro-Negro, the company specializing in low-voltage wires and cables did not renew its contract with Flamingo. It is worth noting that Sil Fios paid R$12 million to the club for one season of the contract. Now, Mengão's marketing department is negotiating a replacement.

Some leave, others arrive

If Sale says goodbye to the Holy Mantle, on the other hand, Flamengo has confirmed PixBet as the new main sponsor. The bookmaker, which occupied the shoulders of the shirt, will now be in the main space. In this way, the brand will pay Rubro-Negro the amount of R$ 170 million by December 2025.

PixBet's new investment has seen Flamengo increase the value of the club's uniforms. In other words, Manto Sagrado, together with other sponsors, reached the amount of R$ 223 million. Therefore, it is the most valuable shirt in Brazilian football. According to figures collected in October last year, Corinthians took second place with R$123 million, while Palmeiras finished on the podium with R$113 million.

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Millionaire's mantle

Regardless of Pixbet, Flamengo will continue to make money from ABC da Construção, in short: which will pay R$7.1 million, R$5.2 million in direct funds and R$1.9 million in return. Furthermore, the club will also receive income from Mercado Livre (R$21.5 million per year); TEM (R$ 5 million); Auxiliary card (R$ 20 million) and supplier Adidas (R$ 69 million). Finally, the club negotiates with a partner to acquire the shirt sleeves.

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