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Zico, Gabigol and Everton Ribeiro praise Denier

Zico, Gabigol and Everton Ribeiro praise Denier

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Denier, who worked at Flamengo for 42 years, died on Monday (01).

Hey Flamingo The year 2024 began in mourning. This is because Adenir Silva, known as Denir, a masseur at the Red and Black Club for 42 years, died on Monday (01), the victim of brain cancer. With this, Zico, Gabigol and Everton Ribeiro praised the former Maes Kerrido employee.

“Today, at the beginning of the year, we lost our warrior Flamingo. A loyal friend, an amazing humanitarian, a professional and an exciting person. May God have mercy on you, Denir, and may God have mercy on your family. “I will keep this smile forever,” Zico said on social media.

Everton Ribeiro, who held a contract with Flamingo Last Sunday (31), he also left tributes on social media: “Nothing and no one represents better Flamingo From my religion. The legend of this club, the reference of life and professionalism for all of us. We lifted the trophy together, but we beat every other trophy side by side. In this moment of pain, I wanted to express my feelings to my family, friends and all Flamengo fans. “Rest in peace, my friend.”“, commented the midfielder.

Gabigol He had a close relationship with Denir. The red and black striker used to “ask for blessings” from the club's former masseuse Flamingo Before team matches. Number 10 posted a message with a crying emoji on social media, showing sadness.

A message from Flamingo

Hey Flamingo He also left a tribute to Denier on social media. “A pillar of our values, the ultimate symbol of blackness, the red and black Grio. There are few words that can define the man who became the idol of the biggest fans in the world without ever stepping onto the field as an athlete.”

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Diner case

Denier was diagnosed with cancer in 2022. And so the former masseuse began the battle against the disease, undergoing surgery to remove the tumor. However, the professional was hospitalized again last Wednesday (27). However, he was unable to withstand the advance and died in the early hours of Monday (01).

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