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Five municipalities have identified new mayors on Sunday

Five municipalities have identified new mayors on Sunday

Brazilian electronic voting machine
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This Sunday, five Brazilian municipalities named (13) new mayors and deputy mayors. By-elections were held in Cedrolandia (MS), Nova Prata do Iguaçu (PR), Petrolandia (SC), Campestre (MG) and Espera Velez (MG). The new elections were due to be held due to the refusal to register elected mayors in 2020.

Electoral legislation establishes the holding of new elections when the candidate who has obtained the largest number of votes in a city council election is denied registration by the electoral court.


In Petroleandia (SC), candidate Ironi Duarte of the Progressive Party was elected, receiving 2,195 votes (47.98% of the total valid votes). The elected deputy on the card is Egoni, who is also from PP.

In the municipality of Espera Feliz (MG), Oziel Gomes of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) was elected with 5,484 votes (45.43%). The elected deputy mayor is Mr. Edinho, from the PSD.

In Nova Prata do Iguaçu, Serginio Faust, of the Liberal Party (PL), was elected with 3,455 votes, which represents 51.09% of the valid votes. Faust is a 53-year-old municipal civil servant. The elected deputy mayor is Odair Pez, who is also a member of PL.

Candidate Marquinho Turquinho, of Democratas (Democracy), was elected on Sunday for the position of Mayor of Campestre (MG). He got 5790 votes with 50.7% of the valid votes. His deputy on the card is Dr. Zenon, who is also from DEM.

In Sidrolândia (MS), PP candidate Vanda Camilo took first place for mayor, with 10,768 votes (52.4% of valid votes). The deputy mayor elected in the same coalition is Rose Fiosa, of the People’s Party.

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(With information from Agência Brasil)