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Find out who should be the priority group to enter the new Bolsa Família

Find out who should be the priority group to enter the new Bolsa Família

The first semester is almost over, and the federal government is still debating what to do with the new Bolsa Família. According to behind-the-scenes information, the idea is to increase the size of the program. This will happen both in the field of values ​​and in the number of beneficiaries.

According to the information From the Ministry of Citizenship itselfThe current program benefits about four million people. The number is reduced because most of these users He’s receiving emergency relief money right now.

However, under normal circumstances, Bolsa Família has 14 million users. In the new version of the project, this figure should increase to about 20 million. The question for residents now is to see who will be able to enter. After all, who will the government include in this new wave?

According to behind-the-scenes information, the expectation of the Planalto Palace is now that the people on the Bolsa Família queue will be included first. Today, according to the Ministry of Citizenship, this line includes about 1.2 million Brazilians.

They are citizens who have undergone an analysis of the ministry’s data and have been approved to enter the program. However, due to some problems, they still did not enter. In the new Bolsa Família, they will be the first to enter the reckoning.

Other groups

However, they will not be the only ones. The federal government also wants to include in the new Bolsa Família a significant portion of the people who will be leaving emergency aid. They know they won’t be able to include everyone, but they want to include at least part of that audience.

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Today, emergency relief provides payments to approximately 39 million people. Since the idea is to add another six million to the Bolsa Família, one million are expected to come from the program’s queue. That would leave five million that could go to Brazilians who are currently receiving emergency benefits.

Within Auxilio, there are 10 million users of Bolsa Familia. So 29 million are not. This means that among this group of unofficial people, only a small part will actually receive the new Bolsa Família installments. It is expected that the government will reach a solution to this issue in the coming days.

History of the new Bolsa Familia

Last week, the Economy Minister, Paolo Guedes, said the Planalto Palace should extend the aid for another two or three months. So this is good news for those who benefit from it. However, for those who are not beneficiaries, this means having to wait a little longer.

With the feature extended, the new Bolsa Família will be delayed. This will happen because this program will not enter the scene until after Auxílio is finished. So people are likely to wait a little longer.

It is not possible to officially know how many Brazilians need money and are not receiving either Auxílio or Bolsa Família at the moment. However, on social networks, it is possible to see many people complaining about this possible lack of government assistance now.