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Fioc revealed his winnings at Globo – Metro World News Brasil

Fioc revealed his winnings at Globo – Metro World News Brasil

a work out It became a kind of “lab soap opera” for many years on Globo, but in addition to the new cast, the small plot also included big names and some popular children, such as Fiock, heir to Fabio Jr.

For those who don’t remember, in 2009 the former BBB was part of the cast of Malhação ID, debuting as Bernardo, the protagonist of the series’ season. But to his followers’ surprise, Fyouk did not make the series due to the salary, which he considered low.

During a live broadcast, the celebrity revealed that he was earning around 1,500 Brazilian reais per month, a salary that is nothing unusual for those who think that everyone makes a fortune working in the Globo series: “Contrary to what everyone thinks [sobre ser bem pago] on TV,” he said lamenting.

However, Fiocco does not regret playing Bernardo in Malhação ID, 14 years ago. For the famous man, the series was his gateway into the art world: “The work was punk. But of course, right? Things started to change, because it gave me a grumpy vision. There it all happened, I grew up. But the beginning was sinister,” said the former BBB.

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It should be noted that in 2009, the year Fioc was the protagonist on Globo, the minimum wage was R$465, according to the Official Gazette, so the celebrity earned just over three floors of salary. However, it must be remembered that his social networks have gained visibility and he can also be called upon to do commercials, other TV shows and Globo series.

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At BBB 21, Fiuk finished third, receiving R$50,000 and many prizes, such as home appliances and a trip to New York in the US. In addition to fees for participating in the Globo reality show as well as for advertisements inside and outside confinement.

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