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Find out who’s out in the voting danger zone · TV News

Find out who’s out in the voting danger zone · TV News

Fernando Sampaio, Caio Perrone and Lisian Gutierrez are in the tenth danger zone of A Grande Conquista. The hot seat was formed on Wednesday night (10) after the elimination of Gini and the Prova da Verada dispute. Who do you want to stay on the ground? Vote in the poll the news At the end of this text.

In the testing area, Rachel Shahrzad explained how the week’s activity will be carried out. “The invaders will take on agility and aiming challenges,” she said. “First, the task is to knock down as many bowling pins as possible. In the other stage, the goal will be to pocket the balls.”

In the end, the player with the most points wins. Felipe Velas did well, got out of the danger zone and had to nominate a rival to take his place in the spotlight. He targeted the military police officer Fernando.

Yesterday, me and Brino [Pavarini] We argued, and I felt a lot of ingratitude on his part, and I could have used those feelings. [para colocá-lo]”But I won’t do that,” Villas declared, “Fernando is going today.”

Who is your favorite in reality? Vote!

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Who will be eliminated?

According to the survey conducted by the newsHaving collected over 9,000 votes as of the last update of this text, Lizian is the one most at risk of elimination. She is at the bottom of the rankings, with only 20.97% of the votes remaining in the competition.

Fernando comes in second with 30.88%. In contrast, Caio has more popular support, with 48.15% of respondents choosing to continue the conflict.

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Final stage judiciary

Donna Jenny was eliminated with 15.27% of the votes. On Tuesday (9), Shahrzad explained that the spot would be quadrupled to speed up the eliminations in the final stage of the match.

“The final stage of the game calls for some surprises,” she began. “People have no idea what’s coming. The four candidates go straight to the popular vote, without having the right to test the transition.”

She added: “Before the challenge, the person with the least votes will be eliminated, while the other three who received the least votes will wipe away their tears in the audition studio.”