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Find out who the suspected planner is at Cuiabá Health

Operation Curare, launched by the Federal Police on Friday (30), targeted 11 individuals and 10 companies.

According to the investigations, the scheme included the repeated emergency hiring of companies to provide services in the health field, in contravention of the Public Procurement Law.

Among those targeted are the mayors of the municipality Celio Rodriguez da Silva (Health) and Alexandre Pilotto Magalhães de Andrade (Interim Administration), as well as the former Secretary of the Civil House of the Administration Blairo Maggi, Antonio Cato.

Another person investigated is Cuiabá’s former health minister, Luis Antonio Bosas de Carvalho.

Cuiabana Public Health, LV Serviços Médicos e Hospitalares, the Brazilian Institute of Santa Catarina (Ibrasc), and Smallmed Serviços Médicos e Hospitalares were also targeted.

See below the list of targets posted by Folhamax:

Alexandre Pilotto Magalhães de Andrade – Assistant Municipal Secretary for Administrative Affairs

Antonio Cato – Former Chief of Staff of the Playero Maggi Department, coroner

Celio Rodriguez da Silva – Municipal Health Secretary

Douglas Castro – Owner of Douglas Castro Middle East

Douglas Castro Middle East – hired company by waiving R$4 million to rent ICU beds

Cuyabana Public Health Company

Felipe de Medeiros Costa Franco – Partner at Ultramed, Board Member of Cuiabana Public Health Company

Hellen Cristina da Silva – Civil servant who worked on bid quotations for Cuiabana Public Health Company

Hipermed Serviços Médicos e Hospitalares – The company contracted by waiving the bid for one million Brazilian reals to provide medical services in the wards

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Hamad Medical Corporation in 2019

Ultramed – Medical and Hospital Services – partner company Felipe de Medeiros Costa Franco, part of the company’s board of directors

Cuyabana Public Health

Abrasc – Brazilian Institute of Santa Catarina

Luis Antonio Bosas de Carvalho – Former Minister of Municipal Health

Medical services and hospitals LV

Maicon dos Santos – Partner at Hipermed

Marcelo Pereira da Silva

Smallmed Medical and Hospital Services – the company that “taken” Ultramed . services

Mahajan Escobar Bueno Beltrao Cabral – Member of the Permanent Bidding Committee of Cuyabana Public Health

Miriam Flávia Caldeira Jamur – Partner at Hipermed

Paulo Roberto de Souza Jamor – owner of the Sole Proprietorship of Paulo Jamor Sociedad

Paolo Gamor Individual Law Society

Municipal Health Department