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Find out who are the 10 richest young musicians in the UK

Find out who are the 10 richest young musicians in the UK

Out! The top 10 richest musicians in the UK under the age of 30 were released this week. The rankings, produced by The Sunday Times, selected British and Irish, sanctifying Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles, Dua Lipa and many more popular names!

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In the first place, there are assets of 220 220 million, more than a billion and more than 600 million Ed Sheeran. He will no longer be a part of this list next year as he will be 31 years old in February.

Second, because it is almost three times less than Sheeran Harry Styles. Ex-A direction $ 75 million, valued at more than $ 567 million. Continuing, women Little Mix 54 thousand pounds, about $ 408 million.

Other former members after them 1 d! Niall Horan $ 52 million (R $ 393 million), Louis Tomlinson 45 million pounds (R $ 340 million) and Liam Payne 44 million pounds (R $ 333 million).

Jane, Who was the first member to leave Boy band, Comes with Dua Lipa – Both 36 million pounds, about 272 million rice.

Finally we have Sam Smith, 33 million, approximately $ 249 million, and Storm Rice with 24 million, more than 181 million.

Look at the ten richest people in this Friday (21) current quote:

10 ட் Ed Sheeran – £ 220m (R $ 1,6 pillow)

2nd Harry Styles – m 75m (R $ 567 million)

3rd Little Mix – m 54m (R $ 408 million)

4th Niall Horan – m 52m (R $ 393 million)

5th Louis Tomlinson m 45m (R $ 340 million)

6th Liam Payne – m 44m (R $ 333 million)

7th Dua Liba – m 36m (R $ 272 million)

8th Jain Malik – m 36m (R $ 272 million)

9th Sam Smith – m 33m (R $ 249 million)

10th Storm – m 24m (R $ 181 million)

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