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Cigarras são mergulhadas no chocolate ao leite ou meio amargo

The American candy store sells chocolate covered cicadas

Chicadas are dipped in milk or semi-bitter chocolate
Photo: CNN

A candy store in Maryland in the United States (USA) has been selling chocolate-covered cicadas to commemorate the re-emergence of insects that have spent the past 17 years underground.

Chicada candies bathed in milk or bitter chocolate can only be purchased online by locals. But anyone who wants to taste it can watch it Recipe on Facebook from the bakery Try chocolate souquet and homemade.

The desserts are made from frozen chicory, which is placed in boiling water and covered with cinnamon oil. Said Sarah Dwyer, owner of the bakery CNN The taste is like chips with chocolate. “They’re very shattered,” he says. He also prepared chocolate options in the form of a chikada, but without the pest, for those who do not dare to taste the flavor.

Dwyer is not the only fan of chikada recipes. Jerome Grant, a professor at the University of Tennessee, says there are other ways to prepare the batter: roast, roast or a taco filling. According to the Chicada Safari application (Chicata Safari) developed to monitor the invasion of chicatas in the United States, the insect is low in fat and rich in proteins and vitamins.

Chocolate covered cicadas are sold at a candy store in the United States
Chocolate covered cicadas are sold at a candy store in the United States
Photo: CNN

Chikkad invasion of the United States

Chicadas is causing a stir in the United States. Trillions of Brute X insects, brown in color and larger than normal cicadas, invade the country. After 17 years of underground growth, they emerge from the ground to accomplish their life cycle together. The invasion of cicadas is forecast in several US states in May, when temperatures begin to warm – the highest since 2004.

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