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Find out what's on sale and whether it's time to buy

Find out what's on sale and whether it's time to buy

Milad recalls that although many offers are valid for a limited time (usually until the end of the month), not rushing is very important.

“Research without being lazy. Go to more than one dealership after deciding on the car and do not be tempted by the first offer that you find suitable. Always analyze the final amount you will pay with all applicable fees and finally, do not worry about the difference in value they offer as a down payment on a used car, If the value is small, analyze whether the offer is good compared to others, the important thing is the delta (the amount you will pay for the new kilometers combined) with the amount you will pay for your used car),” Milad points out.

Part of the rebates has been maintained since the time of IPI (Industrial Products Tax) implementation, albeit in a less aggressive manner. “Profit margins rebounded during the pandemic,” Cascio recalls. “During 2023, good discounts started to appear. After the government’s incentive plan, some companies continued to offer discounts to encourage sales.”

“There were discounts on IPI that the government granted last year, that is, it changed the tax burden by reducing the value of vehicles. On the other hand, car manufacturers also granted, at that time, additional discounts that allowed for a greater reduction in prices. “These were Previously, discounts ranged from 2,500 to 3,000 Brazilian reals, and most of them have remained until today.”

How to get a good discount

Most discounts apply to Sao Paulo (SP). Prices may vary from state to state, as São Paulo residents pay more in the ICMS tax (a tax on the circulation of goods and the provision of services).

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