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Find out what TPM 2.0 is required to install Windows 11

Find out what TPM 2.0 is required to install Windows 11

The chip required by Microsoft acts as a security measure to protect data

while the Microsoft preparing to launch windows 11 On the 24th, a build of the new operating system was leaked on the Internet. Many people failed to install the operating system when they encountered the error “TPM 2.0 is not supported by the system”. but after all, What is TPM 2.0? It means an abbreviation Trusted Platform Module (trusted platform unit) Refers to a Healer Encoder installed on motherboards With the goal of providing more security while the operating system is booting, as well as helping to keep passwords safe.

Reproduce the error that was found during the installation of the leaky building windows 11 (Credits: Reproduction)

The chip works with a series of registers called PCRs (Platform Configuration Records), which analyze all the boot components, including the computer’s BIOS. Each time the computer is turned on, many hashes (algorithms that determine the map data) are generated, which is a function The TPM receives this information in an encrypted form and stores it securely, in a space separate from the rest of the computers. This way, if it is safe CPU or even Firmware Hacked, only those who have access to the TPM can access your computer’s information.

Because the hashes are written in the TPM, the cipher processor is able to identify any changes during the system initialization stages. Each time the boot occurs, TPM 2.0 creates an internal SRK (Storage Root Key), which Windows 11 itself can be programmed not to access. Every time the system requests some information from the TPM, it provides the public and private key of the system encrypted by SRK. For simplicity, the data provided by TPM 2.0 can only be decrypted by the chip itself, which remains isolated from the rest of the system.

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Example of a TPM 2.0 chip installed on the motherboard (credits: Infineon)

– Continues after announcement –

This technology has been applied to motherboards recently, so older models do not have the chip. So far, it’s not known if Microsoft will force users to get a motherboard with TPM 2.0 from the latest version of the new Windows 11, or if it’s only a beta demand. Another detail is that Many new motherboards have TPM 2.0, but it is disabled and needs to go through the BIOS activation process before using it.. Below is a photo taken of a model of ASUS baseada without AMD B550 chip. By default, TPM 2.0 was not activated and the installation could not be performed, after TPM 2.0 was activated, the installation process occurred normally, both of which upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11, as a new installation of Windows 11.

Anyway, since Windows 11 was built in the old style, There are ways to overcome the error before or after installing the system. If Microsoft continues to require TPM 2.0 after the official launch of the new Windows, some companies such as ASUS offer TPM 2.0 on their own, which can be installed via a USB connection, without the need to change the motherboard.

on the video below You are Comes with Windows 11 installationAnd you can check firsthand a little how the new operating system from Microsoft will be. On the 24th, you can watch the launch live on Adrenaline partner site, The Connected world.