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An interstellar meteorite recorded by the camera of the Astronomical Observatory in Santa Catarina | Santa Catarina

An interstellar meteorite, coming from outside the solar system, according to the analyzes of the Brazilian Meteorological Observation Network (Pramón), was recorded by a camera from the Astronomical Observatory of Tenggara, in West Santa Catarina. This phenomenon occurred on the night of May 30 and the images were published on Tuesday (1) after the analyzes conducted by the entity.

According to Bramon, the meteor occurred around 23:02 and covered 243.6 kilometers in 3.8 seconds. Astrophysicist Gilmar Marcos de Oliveira, who coordinates the Tangara Astronomical Observatory, claims that this phenomenon was unexpected.

“The recording of this meteorite was a surprise. It happened randomly. We did not expect it to pass. In the south of the country we are lucky and we can record such a record because we do not have much pollution,” says the astrophysicist.

The Observatório de Tangará (SC) organization recorded the passage of an interstellar meteorite – Photo: Rede Globo / Reprodução

The expert explains that such meteors strike the Earth’s atmosphere with a graze and cut vast distances in the highest layers of the atmosphere, bearing the name Earth.

a The phenomenon was also recorded in Rio Grande do Sul. “This was the first time that an Earthgrazer meteorite, of interstellar origin, has been recorded here in the southern region,” explains the observatory’s owner, Carlos Fernando Young, scientific director of the Brazilian Meteorite Observation Network (Pramón).

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