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Find out what is the partition of India, a historical event cited in Ms.  marvel

Find out what is the partition of India, a historical event cited in Ms. marvel

Actress Iman Filani in the series A. Marvel (Photo: Publicity/Disney+)

Disney+ series that brings Pakistani culture to the entertainment hub, Ms. marvel Very happy to approach topics rare in Hollywood, such as the deconstruction of the Islamic faith and the introduction of rituals and customs. Within this context, a historical event is frequently cited during episodes, called India share (to divide), Not much is known by the people of the West.

serial hero, Kamala Khan (Iman Vilani), daughter of Pakistani immigrants. The girl’s parents arrived in the United States after years of partition, and settled on the east coast of the country, in the city of Jersey (the state of New Jersey).

In the second episode, Kamala’s father Yusuf (Mohan Kapoor) gives an overview of this tragic event:Every Pakistani family has a story about sharing. And none of them are good“.

Land division

In 1947, India became independent, is no longer a colony of the United Kingdom. The idea of ​​dividing the vast territories came from the British, Separation of the population by the criterion of religion. Anyone who was a Hindu would stay in India. Muslims will make up Pakistan. The split caused conflicts that continue to this day.

This is because there is a unique movement of people, one of the largest waves of migration in human history. About 15 million people left their natural places in search of a home in the area in which they were forced to live (Muslims leave India and arrive in Pakistan, Hindus go the other way).

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The result was violent clashes and many deaths. Women, in particular, suffered the most amid the uncontrollable chaos, being raped, raped, and kidnapped.

The hostility between India and Pakistan does not stop and only increases. Since 1947, several wars have broken out between states, and territorial dispute has prevailed among the causes of the clashes. Part of the population migrated to other countries in search of refuge.

in Ms. marvelKamala Khan dedicates herself to learning more about the family’s origins, which leads her to gather more information about the engagement, and to listen to reports from people who were there in moments of stress, incl.

Audiences benefit from this by learning an important topic that affects millions of people around the world, as a result of the importance of having productions based on diversity and representation on screen.

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