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Find out these 5 driving habits that are damaging your car

Many people don’t realize that the way they drive can have a significant impact on the durability of vehicle components and maintenance costs. Car corrective maintenance is usually a topic that many drivers ignore. Therefore, adopting the best driving habits can make you not only an outstanding driver but also one of the most economical drivers as compared to others.

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Not many people imagine, but unforeseen expenses and constant corrective maintenance can be avoided by eliminating steering addiction. This can extend the life of your car. Common but powerful habits can go a long way in every driver’s daily life. see below.

What driving habits can save me money?

1- Avoid crossing bumps or trenches diagonally: Twisting motions when going diagonally over bumps or ditches can damage suspension components and cause damages such as buckling, excessive clearance, squealing and breakage. It is recommended to pass the bump at a low speed, with both front wheels simultaneously touching the obstacle.

2- Stop stepping on the clutch for no reason: The clutch pedal should only be depressed when changing gears. Stepping on them unnecessarily can accelerate component wear and is a bad practice.

3- Don’t brake constantly: Braking all the time for no reason consumes more fuel and wears brake pads and discs more quickly. The ideal approach is to only use the brakes when it is really necessary.

4- Stop “holding” the car on hills with clutch only or in drive mode: Do not leave the car running, “holding” the car with your foot on the clutch or in downhill driving mode, as this increases clutch disc wear. In automatic cars, it is important to keep your foot on the brake or let the parking brake work when the car is stopped.

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5- Avoid placing your hand on the exchange rate: In addition to the danger of driving with only one hand on the steering wheel, the weight of your hand on the shifter can stress the system gears and contribute to premature wear of gearbox components. On automatic cars, it is also not recommended to let your hands rest on the shifter.