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The government postpones the discussion at the end of the anniversary of the withdrawal

The government postpones the discussion at the end of the anniversary of the withdrawal

A meeting of the so-called Fundo de Garantia Board of Trustees was scheduled for Tuesday, March 21. It is a group that includes representatives from different regions. an idea Federal government Had to start discussing the possible Anniversary end of withdrawal from FGTSa method created in the Bolsonaro government, but the truth is that the meeting did not take place.

Fundo de Garantia’s Board of Trustees is a tripartite group that includes representatives from workers, banks and Federal government. And the Minister of Labor, Louise Marinho (Labor Party), had already announced that he would accept the application until the end FGTS birthday draw To discuss with members from other regions.

In an interview on January 24, Marinho said he would take the matter to the Board of Trustees on March 21. In addition, he said that his proposal would be terminated Christmas withdrawal already before April. However, the scenario has completely changed since the interview with the head of the portfolio.

The meeting is cancelled

Without further explanation, the Federal government No meeting was held today in the Board of Trustees. The press expanded, the Ministry of Labor contented itself with saying that there is still no date for a new meeting, and it does not talk about the reason for canceling the meeting that will be held today.

Behind-the-scenes information collected by the Diário do Nordeste portal shows that the annulment occurred because the government has not yet decided who will represent it in this council. So there will be an internal struggle for these positions.

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National Senate

However, the fact is that the negotiations around the end Christmas withdrawal to fgts Calm down even before canceling today’s meeting. And in a recent interview, Marino admitted for the first time that suspending this type of withdrawal did not depend on him, but on the National Congress.

At the beginning of March, the Minister limited himself to saying that he would speak with the members of the Palace of Planalto on the matter, and decide what to do. One suggestion that will be on the table is to post a file temporary measure (MP), changes in fgts. The document must be approved within four months by Congress.

It was the federal government’s idea to start discussing the possible end to the annual drawdown of the FGTS Fund. Image: Disclosure

What is FGTS birthday withdrawal

FGTS birthday draw It is a form of withdrawal from the severance pay fund. Citizens who choose this system get the right to withdraw money from their savings every year in their month birthdayor within the next two months.

Anyone who chooses this scheme is completely given up Termination of withdrawalWhich allows money to be withdrawn only at specific times, such as when a citizen He loses his job without a valid reasonFor example.

Minister Luis Marinho claims that this system would be unfair Workers.

We can’t cheat the workers by getting him to cash out on his birthday. “It is necessary to preserve the purpose of the fund, which is to withdraw when you have the misfortune of unemployment,” Marino said in an interview last January.

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