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Find out the reason for the cancellation of the Fazenda TV News concert

Find out the reason for the cancellation of the Fazenda TV News concert

The constant fights of the actors and the anxiety of the sponsors: these were the reasons that made the trend register Canceling the confined party farm 14. The truth caused a revolution among the pedestrians, unlike even within the broadcaster. The decision was made a few hours before the Friday (14) release. It was broadcast and described as a measure to ease tensions.

The information was collected by the news from different sources. The comment followed a recommendation made by companies advertising the attraction, such as Banco Original, food brand Aurora and bookmaker Betano. All sponsors reported that there has been a significant increase in messages that have exploded the behavior of inmates on the program in recent days.

The brands indicated that they preferred to reduce the tension in that moment and leave the party for a day when the atmosphere is more harmonious or less tense. Meanwhile, Rodrigo Carelli and his team feared worse things could happen in gravity.

Initially, the idea was to suspend only alcoholic drinks from the celebration. However, after Deolane Bezerra threatens to burn Thomaz Costa with a cigarette And the Thiago Ramos almost chased after Cheyenne Hagbinunderstood the record that “the hole was down”.

The cast will be fighting back anyway at that point. If management sets fire to a gunpowder keg, everything will spiral out of control, as happened in the first semester at Power Couple Brasil. In a generalized fight, singer MC Gui’s father, RogĂ©rio Silva, and Lucas Strabko, Cartolouco, came to break windows and ignore decisions. The TV even put in place a protocol to prevent downloads in extreme cases This was the shock of the time.

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Finally, Record told sponsors that it will award some rewards to advertisers during the program, both in new actions and in some dynamics during breaks. Although A Fazenda is not branded, it does appear in entries in the live broadcasts and during commercial breaks for the TV version.

The record did not satisfy the public about the party’s cancellation. wanted by the newsThe network also wouldn’t comment on why the party was canceled – and they should keep everything under wraps for the time being.

In confinement, the announcer’s decision left participants curious. “But if things break out inside the house, that’s the least at the party,” Shay said. Iran Malfitano responded: “But imagine people with alcohol in their heads.” “We are waiting for news from the party to find out what happened,” commented Deborah Albuquerque. “There will be no party,” said Ruifenha de Marti.