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A model dressed as a serial killer on her daughter

A model dressed as a serial killer on her daughter

Carla Bellucci has been banned from attending a Halloween party in the UK after she said her one-year-old daughter Blue would attend the event dressed as serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, the “Milwaukee cannibal” who killed about 17 men and boys.

For the Daily Star, the model said other moms have called her ill and won’t let her go to the event if she dresses her daughter like that. Then Carla called the other women Karenz – an English name for boring people.

“I thought it was a genius idea and it would be cool. A lot of people go like Chucky and I think it would be a funny and easy costume. Just put a wig on and it’ll be done. They said I’m sick but they take things seriously. I was thinking it was Halloween and instead of Mike Myers we’d do a job.” Jeffrey Dahmer because it’s a huge trend right now,” he explained.

She even responded and said that other mothers need to calm down. “They have to remember that all of this happened a long time ago. To be honest, I think it was because I was. Any other parent could send their kids like Jeffrey Dahmer and that would be funny.” But since it was me, they quickly took away their claws.”

The model was already embroiled in other controversies when she said she pretended to be depressed to get free plastic surgery at the British NHS, SUS. Leaving her four children on a honeymoon with them has also been “cancelled”.

Carla no longer has the public’s sympathy after she admitted that she faked depression to have plastic surgery in the United States NHS, British SUS. The controversy alone would suffice, but the model also made headlines after saying that she suffers from hate on social media for being so attractive and after leaving her four children – including herself. smaller bluewho was only six months old – for her honeymoon with her husband.

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