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Users have revealed that many ASUS mobile phones have become unusable after a new bug

Users have revealed that many ASUS mobile phones have become unusable after a new bug

Owners of different cell phones from ASUS They post complaints on ZenTalk (the company’s forum for consumers of the company’s products), because their devices will have bugs that render mobile phones unusable. Include relevant models Zenfone 8 NS Zenfone 8 Flip, besides the ROG Phone 5 – They all have Snapdragon 888 processor, which may be related to issues.

The situation has been frequent since August, when cell phones would freeze for no apparent reason, resulting in a forced reset. However, instead of loading the OS sequentially, the device is stuck at a screen showing the message “Waiting for full RAM to flash” in green.

Cell phones get stuck in this screen, which may require replacing important internal components (Photo: ZenTalk/idris3396)

Some users reported that they were able to get through this screen after pressing a certain key combination, but most of them had to take the device to an authorized service center. The situation can only be resolved by replacing the motherboard, which is an often expensive and laborious process.

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ASUS tried to fix the issues with a software update, but it ended up giving users a new headache. The initial scenario (eg the ‘ramdump’ message) no longer appears, but the mobile phones start to have new crashes, turning off the screen and making any kind of restart impossible – thus, the device becomes unusable again (or “Disabled””), and this time there isn’t even a message indicating a more efficient type of support.

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The user complained that “the screen went black without any warning” (Photo: Screenshot/Vinicius Muschin)

So far, ASUS has not released any official statement regarding the serious issue, thus there is no definitive solution to prevent Zenfone 8, 8 Flip, and ROG Phone 5 from crashing.

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