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Find out all about The Power and the Law, the new viral Netflix series

Find out all about The Power and the Law, the new viral Netflix series

From time to time, Netflix releases series that go unrecognized and become visible to the public. The latest edition in this collection is The Lincoln Lawer. The production has been in the top 10 of Netflix Brazil since its debut, May 13, and has spent at least 4 days in the first place – data from Flix Patrol Tool.

The production was also successful internationally, reaching the top 10 most-watched productions in at least 27 locations where Netflix operates. Focusing on important markets, such as the US, UK, Brazil and Canada.

But… what is this series? If in doubt, make sure that the file capital Cities will explain!

what is he talking about?

Power and Law tells the story of Mickey Haller (Manuel Garcia Rulfo), a lawyer who, after addicted to opioids, tries to rebuild his career. Therefore, it depends on luck and talent.

Based on…

… book. The series is based on The Lead Verdict, the second book in the Power and Law series by Michael Connelly.

Michael Connelly is one of America’s best-selling authors. His works, which are usually detective plots and plots, have been translated into more than 35 languages.

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In addition to protagonist Manuel Garcia-Rulfo (Squad 6, Justice in the Family), the cast of The Power and the Law has another famous Hollywood character: Neve Campbell. The veteran actress in the Scream franchise is in production.


The Lawyer series has long been a hit on TV and Power and Law is trying to ride the wave of big productions, like Suits. Plus, the series brings an aesthetic reminiscent of hits like Law & Order and CSI.

lone wolf

The other point where strength and law go hand in hand is the hero. Mickey Haller, in addition to his path to salvation, also embodies the “hero”: he always has a solution to the most difficult cases. This formula is popular in literature and television, as evidenced by the success of the Reacher franchise on Amazon Prime Video.

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