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FIFA updates the rankings of South American clubs for the 2025 World Cup

FIFA updates the rankings of South American clubs for the 2025 World Cup

Brazil will only have a fourth World Cup entrant if a team other than Fluminense, Palmeiras or Flamengo wins the Libertadores in 2024 (Photo: Disclosure – FFC)

FIFA has updated the rankings of South American clubs qualifying for the 2025 World Cup. Six teams from the continent will compete. Including FluminenseLibertadores champion in 2023.

Of the six South American representatives at the 2025 World Cup, with 32 participants, the last four Libertadores champions will be: Palm trees (2021), Flamingo (2022), Fluminense (2023) and the 2024 winner, two more through the standings. If one of the three guaranteed to win the Libertadores again in 2024, there will be three places distributed in the classification.

However, if Fluminense, Flamengo or Palmeiras win the Libertadores again, the Brazilian clubs will not be able to benefit from the rankings. This is because the maximum number of clubs per country in a World Cup is two. The exception is in the case of the Libertadores title. It is precisely for this reason that Brazil will have three participants in the competition and could reach four if another wins the continental championship in 2024.

Today, for example, Boca Juniors and River Plate, both from Argentina, will be awarded the position through the classification. paying off:

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