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Inter is close to losing Jean Lucas to Bahia!  This is the reason for possible “defeat” at work!

Inter is close to losing Jean Lucas to Bahia! This is the reason for possible “defeat” at work!

High-ranking officials in Colorado confirm that Bahia has taken the initiative and is much closer to signing midfielder Jean Lucas.

a reason? According to Inter, the City Group invested €8 million (R$43 million) and made any possibility of covering this proposal moot.

Until a few days ago, Inter had an agreement with Santos and even with the player for him to come and play here on loan. At this point, they would just pay his salary, R$800,000, and all would be well. And only later, at the end of 2024, if I accept it, will I have the option to buy it to hold it permanently. The value will be 8 million euros. But it will only be paid if all goes well.

The change occurred because the offer to buy now appeared at such high values, and the dispute was lost.

Only a massive transformation brought Jan back to Beira Rio. Something like Bahia withdrawing the proposal or something like that. This is because they guarantee that Inter will not throw such high values ​​into these negotiations.

Therefore, it can be said, at this moment, that the deal is a losing one. It is almost certain to say that Jean Lucas will be from Bahia.

I'll leave a gap because, right? Bahia may not formalize the proposal, and may not close several targets. But for now, that's all. Optimism with this announcement decreased significantly.

  • The interesting thing is that everything was already ready. They even sent photo material for promotion on the website and social media. In parallel with this, Santos began tinkering with the signing. That's when the Bahians arrived and put the money. This kind of thing is very normal at this time.
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