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Santos turns on Internacional, but suffers a last-minute equalizer with Qanoon in an amazing match.

Santos turns on Internacional, but suffers a last-minute equalizer with Qanoon in an amazing match.

NS Santos I received the international Sunday evening (22) at Villa Belmiro for the seventeenth round of the FIFA World Cup Brazilian Championship And with two goals from Birrani and Madison on the one hand and Mercado and Yuri Alberto on the other, they tied 2-2.

The game has been busy from the start. In the 7th minute, Mercado took advantage of Santos’ defense and opened the scoring for the visiting team.

After that, Pixie outplayed the opponent, looking for recovery, scored an impermissible goal and a clear missed opportunity by Marcos Leonardo.

But it was Pierani who equalized, when he broke into the opponent’s defense and touched the exit of Daniel, almost in a small area.

Shortly thereafter, a cross hit the header of Madson, who tried hard from the corner and turned the score in the home team’s favour.

In the second stage, in a silly new defense for Santos, I found Edinilson’s throw in the area, the midfielder had just pinned it and Yuri Alberto pushed it into the net.

Tournament mode

The two teams are still tied in the number of points in the table, both with 22 points. Inter are in 10th place, with Santos close behind.

Ace of the game: Biryani

In a beautiful individual play, he equalized the score and restored confidence in the home team, as well as actively participating in the team’s offensive plays.

previous law

When the match seemed to be about to end, Yuri Alberto redeemed his previous stat to be able to level the score again. The striker was formed in the youth category of Villa Belmiro.

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Up and down for the first time

Mercado started his journey at Internacional in the best way, with a goal in the first minutes. After that, he almost scored a goal for Marcos Leonardo and made a mistake that could have cost him a red card.

Upcoming games

Santos is now focused on Brazil Cup, where you face Atlético Public Relations. Inter, in turn, will only play again next weekend, against Atlético jo.

data sheet

Santos 2 x 2 international

Objectives: Birani & Madson (Santos); Markt and Yuri Alberto (Inter)

Santos: John Powell; Madson, Louise Philip, Wagner Leonardo and Felipe Jonathan; Camacho, Jan Motta, and Birrani; Sanchez (Baleiro), Marcos Leonardo (Bruno Marquez) and Lucas Braga. Artistic: Fernando Deniz

international: Daniel. Mercado (Guerrero), Bruno Mendes, Cuesta and Moises (Paulo Victor); Dorado, Lindoso (Boschilia), Edenelson, Patrick (Palacius), Tyson and Yuri Alberto (Johnny). Coach: Diego Aguirre