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Featured on Facebook: New police van detects drivers without seatbelts and on mobile phones in UK

Featured on Facebook: New police van detects drivers without seatbelts and on mobile phones in UK

In one Mail August 8 on Facebook – Mentions derived from an article site – A new monitoring tool has been announced Road safety rulesThat means mandatory use Seat belt and prohibited to use Mobile phones While sticking.

it is a Van it is a “Mobile technology“It is capable of automatically detecting these violations and it is said to already be there Active in England.

Received polygraph requests Verification About this content.

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Indeed, on August 3, the newspaper “Guardian“It’s being tested in England.”The vehicle was parked on the road“It can recognize the use of seat belts and whether drivers have their cell phones on them.”

This technology Automatic detection First run in England in Warwickshire. According to the British newspaper, the National Highways – the agency that manages the country’s highways and expressways – works with the police authorities of the region Vehicle sensor testing On highways and major roads. The technology will be tested for three months, during which its performance will be determined and how it can be improved in the future.

A Warwickshire Police officer explained to “The Guardian” that during the testing phase of the device “The most serious crimes should be investigated“And, in less extreme cases, drivers will get”Warning notices It explains to them how they were caught committing the crime and appeals to them to change their behaviour”.

The vehicle, described by the newspaper as “the first of its kind”, is equipped with Many rooms The mobile captures images of drivers passing the station. The recorded content is then processed Artificial intelligence toolsTo determine whether drivers are using cell phones or driving without seat belts.


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